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Courses & Workshops


I can provide customized workshops on a variety of topics related to accessibility & inclusion. Below are some examples of workshops that I have provided in the past. I would be very excited to create a workshop that is personalized to your organizations. Please just email me at if you would like to talk more about a workshop topic that you would like me to create and facilitate. 

  • Accessibility & Inclusion in the Workplace - this workshop is a condensed version of the "Accessibility & Inclusion in the Workplace" course series. It has been designed to provide information and resources on how to create more accessible and inclusive spaces for both employees with disabilities and disabled customers. This workshop focuses on the barriers to accessibility and inclusion and provides strategies for removing them.

  • Creating Accessibility Committees, Plans, and Feedback Mechanisms - in response to the new BC Accessibility legislation, this workshop will guide your team through the requirements of creating an accessibility committee, creating an accessibility plan, and implementing a feedback mechanism.

  • Grade 4-8 Disability Awareness Workshop - This workshop provides information about disability types, facts about disabilities, how to better support people with disabilities, barriers to accessibility and inclusion, and inclusive language. It is an excellent workshop to create a sense of belonging and greater inclusion of students with disabilities.

  • Disclosing Your Disability - This workshop was created to support employees with disabilities when making the decision of whether to disclose their disability to their employer or not. It outlines the pros and cons of disclosure and provides some resources and strategies for doing so.

  • Emergency Preparation and Considerations for People with Disabilities -  When creating emergency plans, are you aware of the unique needs of people with disabilities? If not, this workshop is for you! The workshop outlines specialized supplies that you may want to have on hand, supports that should be put into place, and it provides specific examples of how you can use the CMIST Framework to ensure that people with disabilities will be properly supported during an emergency.                         Please note: This workshop has been created in association with Untapped Accessibility, so I would be facilitating it through them. 

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