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Harsharn Bassra, Infrastructure BC Director of Human Resources

Vancouver Island University PDT 30 hr. 'Accessibility & Inclusion in the Workplace' Course

Melissa facilitated one of the best, most practical courses in the DEI space. The course was engaging, fun, interesting, and full of rich learning. I really appreciated all the thought and planning that went into each course day.

Molly van Leusden, City of Cranbrook Corporate Services and Engineering Analyst

Vancouver Island University PDT 30 hr. 'Accessibility & Inclusion in the Workplace' Course

This course was well organized and Melissa Lyon did an incredible job teaching a topic that she is clearly an expert in. Fantastic! The guess presenters were informative and had a wide range of experience and knowledge. They were able to solidify the concepts of DEI and Accessibility by supplementing and supporting the materials and resources provided. Thank you to all the presenters:)

Angela Chirinian PROSCI, PMP, MSc 

Chief Human Resources Officer, BC Securities Commission

Creating Accessibility Committees, Plans & Feedback Mechanisms Workshop Series

I highly recommend Melissa's training program/workshop series on creating accessibility committees and plans. She is an outstanding facilitator and instructor. The resource materials and training content are well structured, high quality, easy to understand, practical and very useful. Her passion and enthusiasm shine through in her presentations. She is a pleasure to work with and provides valuable insights and advice throughout the workshop. She is genuinely invested in the success of your process.

Madeline Delmas

Senior Human Resources Advisor at British Columbia Securities Commission

Creating Accessibility Committees, Plans & Feedback Mechanisms Workshop Series

I had the privilege of working with Melissa earlier this year (and late 2022) and gained an immense amount of knowledge in the process. Melissa provided very inspiring education sessions on several topics such as types of disabilities, myths about people with disabilities, strategies for organizations to overcome barriers to accessibility and inclusion and preparing to create an Accessibility Plan. Each education session was thoughtfully prepared, with concise and concrete presentations, and resource lists to go with each topic covered. Not only is Melissa a kind, wonderful person to talk to, and work with, she is a very talented educator. We would recommend her to others and work with her again with no hesitation.

Mohit D.

WorkBC Student, 30 hr. 'Accessibility & Inclusion in the Workplace' Course

I have learned and loved about how to make work and the community more inclusive and accessible. Also big inspiration from Melissa that in  life never give up. She has changed my perception towards people with disabilities. She is my best instructor ever. God bless her and always stay healthy. You are great Melissa. We all love you and will miss you. Thank you for teaching us so well.

Theresa L.

WorkBC Student, 30 hr. 'Accessibility & Inclusion in the Workplace' Course

One of my fav courses by far so far. Everything was amazing from the info to the presentation, how the site worked and how easily it was to ask questions and get help. Your a wonderful person and have been an even greater teacher. Thank you for everything. It's been so wonderful learning from you. 10/10

Patsy McCarter

Teacher, Saanich School District

I attended an online Zoom Workshop, entitled "Diversity & Inclusion: YOU Can Make A Difference" that Melissa facilitated for our teaching staff. It was one of the best workshops that I have ever attended! Spot on, with practical and informative steps for moving towards DEI!

Cedar Payne

Teacher, Saanich School District

Melissa's workshop was the most powerful presentation on diversity and inclusion that I have ever been to (or seen!). She was incredibly inspiring and will make a huge difference in the world, I have no doubt. 

Denzil Mucherji

Director of Operations at the Cerebral Palsy Association of BC

Melissa's passion for accessibility and inclusion has been a significant part of the Cerebral Palsy Association of BC (CPABC). As the Disability Consultant for the Association, Melissa has written thought provoking blogs, facilitated accessibility workshops and presentations, played a significant role in creating Resource Guides for those living with cerebral palsy on Vancouver Island, facilitated countless meetings with stakeholders to spread awareness, and guided Accessibility and Inclusion changes for the CPABC. Having worked with Melissa for over 2 years, I have been fortunate to witness her passion and drive for making a positive impact in the work she does. Melissa uses personal experience, hard work, education, and knowledge to teach what it truly means to be accessible. It is always a joy to see someone take their passion and love for a subject and turn into something so meaningful. Melissa’s work with the CPABC is just a drop in the ocean of what she will continue to accomplish as she continues with her journey to an accessible and inclusive world!

Laura McEwan

Principal at Kleos Open Learning

Melissa is a skilled writer, creative thinker, and passionate advocate! In her role as Curriculum Developer and Blog Writer, she focused on creating opportunities to grow student independence, engagement, and wellness. Her beautiful courses are designed using UDL principles, they scaffold skill development, and they leverage technology and tools effectively. We're so grateful that Melissa shared her powerful voice with our school!

Alexis Folk

Mentee & 'Meeting Mighty People' Podcast Host

Melissa Lyon has been extremely helpful in developing my self-confidence for public speaking. This has helped me develop my passion into something that has become a great resource for me when dealing with my disability. Melissa has been a great support system when it comes to living with a disability and the adventures and challenges we encounter.

Jessie Sutherland

Belonging Matters Project Leader at the Cerebral Palsy Association of BC

Founder of Intercultural Strategies

Melissa is an amazing speaker, critical thinking, and writer. She has been a key leader in the Belonging Matters dialogues to increase awareness about Cerebral Palsy on Vancouver Island. The depth of Melissa's knowledge and analysis combined with her exceptional communication skills means she inspires all who come in contact with her. These same skills make her a wonderful team player and beloved colleague!

Dr. Nigel Livingston

Director, CanAssist - University of Victoria

I am delighted to provide a recommendation for Melissa Lyon. I direct a research lab at the University of Victoria, the focus of which is to develop technology and services that support members of the disability community.
Melissa has worked in my lab as a volunteer. She undertook background research in a number of areas, primarily to obtain data and information about disability support agencies and services and available technology in Canada and elsewhere. She also conducted background research on accessibility standards and their implementation.
Melissa is an extremely conscientious and hard working individual. She is highly reliable, energetic and enthusiastic. She proved to be an excellent, well liked and highly productive member of our team, whose work has been appreciated by all.
I recommend her with enthusiasm and without equivocation.

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